pathway to healthy natural afro hair ;)

New year hair regime trying the root2tip Growth challenge

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1) Show us your starting point- picture your hair length NOW and post it here. Tell us your goal for your hair this year!

2) Pick your protective style_ mine is Braids, maybe you have a lace-wig, weave, kinky twists? natural twists, or wear your hair in a bun, you just have to protect the ends!

3) Oil your scalp nightly with the oils form our Harvest hairgrowth pack!

4) Massage the scalp 5 minutes every night.

5) Co-wash or use a mild shampoo to cleanse your scalp 3-times a week

6) DC- Deep condition with extra-virgin olive oil and your Deep conditioner of choice! STEAM your hair 1 x a week with a real steamer if possible.

7) cover your head with a plastic cap to create humidity at night…

 Moisturise your hair with a good leave-in product like our Honey-rain Juice sealed with our Nourish and Shine me butter, or Triple M moisture milk, sealed with our quench my Thirst creme or Twist & Curls pudding

9) CHECK-in at least 1 x a week to find out how the other ladies are doing-

10) Believe you can have the hair you want and SACRIFICE!

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