pathway to healthy natural afro hair ;)

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Growth challenge

So I am really happy so far with the challenge, at night I using oils to moisturise my scalp. Gosh I need to wash my hair its been 2 weeks already. Actually I had a tiny set back when I co-washed my hair with rubbish conditioner. It was Naked Rescue Conditioner. 😦 😦 HATE! I had to cut my hair because all the damage from caused by the Naked Rescue product.

on positive note really liking my hair and the moment and now looking into more protective styles. ….Crochet braids!!! Yup I’m obsessed on instagram and youtube tutorials! Cant wait to give them a try 🙂

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New year hair regime trying the root2tip Growth challenge

1) Show us your starting point- picture your hair length NOW and post it here. Tell us your goal for your hair this year!

2) Pick your protective style_ mine is Braids, maybe you have a lace-wig, weave, kinky twists? natural twists, or wear your hair in a bun, you just have to protect the ends!

3) Oil your scalp nightly with the oils form our Harvest hairgrowth pack!

4) Massage the scalp 5 minutes every night.

5) Co-wash or use a mild shampoo to cleanse your scalp 3-times a week

6) DC- Deep condition with extra-virgin olive oil and your Deep conditioner of choice! STEAM your hair 1 x a week with a real steamer if possible.

7) cover your head with a plastic cap to create humidity at night…

 Moisturise your hair with a good leave-in product like our Honey-rain Juice sealed with our Nourish and Shine me butter, or Triple M moisture milk, sealed with our quench my Thirst creme or Twist & Curls pudding

9) CHECK-in at least 1 x a week to find out how the other ladies are doing-

10) Believe you can have the hair you want and SACRIFICE!

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Resolutions 2014/ to do list

So here my 2014 resolutions as I know it so far


  • visa’s for India
  • supplies and shopping
  • getting fit so running 2-3 times a week
  • target 8 pound weight lose
  • birthday event on the 4th
  • contact agengy
  • send driving application off
  • send visa application off
  • setting up new business


  • packing for India
  • The India trip
  • training for half marathon
  • target weight lose 4 pounds


  • Half marathon
  • Target weight lose 8 pounds


  • 5k electric run
  • weight lose 8 pounds


  • South Korea for lotus lantern festival
  • Weight lose 8 pounds









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Always had a interest in science, I did study chemistry at university! After which when through to work in marketing/PA and many admin job! Now I am Science Teacher, my teaching didn’t really go smoothly but got through my PGCE year and I enjoying teaching young kids.

…well I am doing this blog for anyone who has medium to short length hair. I am a bit fed up with my hair and want to do a hair challenge for 2014.  I am interested in ayuveda and natural products. From 2012 I haven’t used heat on my hair and changed to all mud shampoo.

Please join me on my challenge maybe you will help you too!!!

Suri X